Thank you for visiting La Mano de la Paz. We are enlisting your help with the funding of “La Mano de la Paz”, a significant sculpture by artist Chaa Youn Woo. Please see Chaa’s website here: Chaa Youn Woo

La Mano de la Paz will add positive inspiration to a major port of entry to Latin America. It will be located in a high poverty area on the beaches of Tijuana, Mexico. (Brummbaer and David R. Casey are also participating artists among other local artists.)

“La Mano de la Paz” – “The Hand of Peace” will sit in the Jardin Binacional of Playas de Tijuana (Bi-national Garden of the beaches of Tijuana.) This area is situated at the northern most point of Latin America, approximately 20’ from the border of the United States and 60′ from the Pacific Ocean.

On the beaches of Tijuana, Mexico

The “La Mano de la Paz” sculpture will become a generator for peaceful energy. A whimsical yet thought provoking peaceful environment will be created for tourists and locals who visit or live in the area giving the public the opportunity to interact with the art on a daily basis.
"Computer Simulation of the finished installation."

The intention for this monumental sculpture is to provide a blessing and a symbol of hope for the people of the region. This large 28’ interactive fine art sculpture will certainly help create positive attention to the area. “La Mano de la Paz” – the Hand of Peace – will sit in the Jardin Binacional, Playas de Tijuana (Bi-national Garden of the beaches of Tijuana.) This area is situated at the northern most point of Latin America, approximately 20’ from the border of the United States. Chaa Youn Woo, Artist
The artist Chaa says about his sculpture,“We all have a dream, we all wish our dreams will come true. My dream is to create Peaceful Change with art. Art cannot hurt you. I am from the little peninsula country of Korea that is divided north and south. In the middle of Korea we have a “closed border.” Nobody can cross because it has mine fields. Playas Tijuana is located at the north end of Latin America and its border is an “open border”. Many people pass by this border everyday. Almost every second a person passes through this border; it is amazing to me. I know it has a lot of problems, but at least there is no military conflict. This is the place that I want to put peaceful magical art for everybody to enjoy. I mean everybody.”

Where the 20th century Mexican Social Realist painters unflinchingly presented severe and seemingly timeless social realities, (for example, in the image below Diego Rivera depicts the laborers as hard powerful cogs in a giant wheel of corporate industry), Chaa, Youn Woo a 21st century artist affected by the civil rights and peace movements of the 1960’s, infuses a “pop” edge to this sculpture. “La Mano de la Paz” follows the styles of artists like Banksy or Swedish artist Claes Oldenburg.

Diego Rivera

Diego Rivera, Artist for Institute of Arts Detroit Michigan

Claes Oldenburg, "Free" Stamp at C

Claes Oldenburg, "Free" Stamp at C



La Mano de la Paz

La Mano de la Paz

This effort by Chaa Youn Woo, “La Mano de la Paz” is the first step that will encourage the installation of other “Peace” sculptures around the world, where people need hope and a reminder that peace is possible in the midst of their harsh surroundings.

The sculpture “La Mano de la Paz” will become a generator for peaceful energy. A Hand signal of peace and victory, using galvanized metal wire to create a finger print shape, symbolizing the uniqueness of each person. (Even identical twins have different fingerprints.) It will consist of 10,000 feet of steel wire (Illustration A). At night it will have colorful lighting so that people in San Diego can see this symbol of Latin America’s ‘Peace.’

Snow Flakes

Morphing Snowflakes projecting on the LCD screen

The middle base element of the sculpture will have a snowflake crystal fractal image that will morph constantly, 24 hours a day, very similar to the uniqueness of the human race. The morphing of the snowflakes will be initiated by sound stimulation via the innate sound track or people’s individual interaction with this element. The artist says about this part of the sculpture: “Snowflakes are snowflakes humans are humans both are constantly unique. Both are not going to last forever.” A solar panel 8’x8’ will supply all of the electricity for the LED lighting, sound and interactive snow flake image and the 3-water pump. The round stainless steel base edge of the ring has a water system to create a water curtain and mist, generated by 3 pumps and powered by a solar panel. The water elements embrace the notion that it is a source of life and celebration. The misty water crystal cloud will envelop the viewers and help them feel a sense of peace. This element will make people that are accustomed to the desert climate feel a hopeful richness.

Snowflake weaving

Chaa Youn Woo, Artist- "Snowflake Over the Moon " 46" x 32" Rattan Weaving, 2011


Chaa Youn Woo, Artist- "Inhale” 52” x 42”Rattan Weaving 2010

Artist Biography and Statement

Chaa Youn Woo, was born in Seoul, Korea and moved to Los Angeles in 1990 at age 29. About 10 years later he had a vision that inspired him to go to the Amazon Forest, where he met the Tukano Indian Tribe and spent over half a year with them learning the craft of weaving, Baniwa. Chaa mastered the Baniwa’s weaving techniques and common patterns that are shared by a network of tribes of the Amazon, despite their disparate cultures. He learned everything from the
harvesting of the Aruma (plant which produces
the weaving reed) to the finishing touches
with the cipo (a piece of wood to tie a work
into place). Chaa engaged himself in the gamut
of the craft of the Baniwa. Within Chaa’s work
a symbiotic relationship has clearly emerged with
Latin America. By so doing, Chaa has invented new
weaving techniques as well as a new medium for
traditional Western portraiture.

Once back in Los Angeles, Chaa’s love of Latin America drove him to seek out a connection a little closer to home. This led him to find a 3rd generation master basket weaver of kudzu, Angel Salvador Hernandez Huerta a local resident of Rosarito, Mexico. Working together they formed a bond using Baniwa techniques.

Ultimately, Chaa came upon the sculpture concept for Tijuana, “La Mano de la Paz”.

Chaa’s Statement

“The sculpture is going into Mexico primarily as a statement about the peaceful nature of Latin American countries. There are no Latin American countries that are attacking other countries. By and large Latin America is peaceful. This sculpture will help people realize that peace is what Latin America wishes for the world.”


“La Mano de la Paz” by Chaa Youn Woo,
Artist, An Interactive Sculpture for the
people of Baja.


A. Element Finger Print Shape

A. Hand-The entire hand and each fingerprint will
be unique (created by blacksmithing 7/32”
galvanized welding wire.) This is meant, by the
artist as a metaphor, to illustrate, that each of
the world’s inhabitants are truly unique.
An actual size clay mold will first be created,
then a plaster mold. This technique will allow each wire
to be bent to exact specifications. The finished metal
hand sculpture will then be galvanized dipping it 3 times
to make it impervious to the ocean weather. This will
produce a matt aluminum finish.

Slowly changing colorful light-show will appear at night on the hand. Finally, the hand will be welded in iron by a local artisan, Victor Chavez, using 300 lbs of welding wire and 10,000 feet of steel strips in the construction of the sculpture.

B. Stainless Steel Base and Column Fabrication: Top Base-
Under the hand the top base (13’ x 6’) contains the brain
of the sculpture. In addition it will hold up the peace
sign–hand. Contained in the base are the following

□ 2500 waterproof LED light show will play continuously
with an unlimited morphing similar to the crystal
structures of a snowflake. The intensity of the morphing
image will be controlled by the noise from the innate
soundtrack, as well as visitor’s interactions with the

□ Water – Three rows of water will flow downward creating
a curtain of water forming a circle at the base of the
sculpture. A misting nozzle will be at the edge of the
base to create a cloud effect, as seen in the
illustration E. A 3 Pump System supporting this element
will be powered 100% by a self- contained 8’ x 8’ Solar

□ A Stainless Steel Stand 13’ tall pole will hold the
wiring for the 2500 LED light snowflake image show that
will continuously point at the peace-sign–hand. A
program contained within a microchip will control the
lights. The lights will be visible all the way to San
Diego. A shockproof 5-volt transformer used here will
run by the solar panel.

C. Bottom Base- The Bottom round base (15’ x 7’ x 7’’)
contains an area to hold the stainless steel pole, the
pooled water and all of the electrical wiring as well as
a self-cooling element for the wiring. Constructed of
concrete the pooled water will rush through a mesh net
in the bottom. The all stainless steel water system will
be run with a shockproof 12 Volt transformer. Volcanic
rock will finish the outside base area.

D. Installation

□ Moving all of the steel elements from the foundry
□ Concrete Base
□ Solar panel
□ Stainless Steel Pole
□ Installation of electrical and water lines.

E. Documentary

Documentary artist will create a full-length documentary
of the entire project from start to finish from the
installation to the unveiling for the community. In
addition, the documentary will focus on the environmental
conditions in the area.

F. Permits

Government permits will be obtained with the help of the
organization Casa de Cultura de Playas de Tijuana. A
community meeting will be held to assess support for the

G. Additional Activities

A community opening reception will be held. Other public
relations efforts will correspond to needs as they arise.

Time Line

3 – 4 months from start to completion. Once 75% of the
budget has been secured fabrication will begin.


First Phase:

Current Goal is $50,000.00
Any size gift would be greatly appreciated.

Gifts for Donations:

>Receive eternal gratitude for a contribution of $10 or more.

>Receive a signed by the artist full color 8.5″ x 11″ print of “La Mano de La Paz” for a $25.00 Contribution

>Receive digital portrait of Chaa Youn Woo with the finished sculpture specially dedicated to YOU for a contribution of $20.00 or more.

>Receive a Hand Silk Screen hoodie with “Peace Army” on it for a contribution of $200.00 or more.

>Receive a “La Mano de la Paz” 12” x 20” Hand Printed Limited Edition Artwork for a contribution of $500.00 or more.

>Receive a sculpture of “La Mano de La Paz” a beautiful all metal fabrication standing at 28” tall for a contribution of $4000.00 or more.

– Supporters for this effort include the following:

Korean Embassy, Mexico City, Enrique Mier Y Teran, Counsel
Casa de Cultura, Martina Montenegro Espinoza, Coordinadora, Cortijo
LTT University, Jorge Conde, Professor Art History

Thank You for Your Consideration.
Please make checks payable to: Chaa Youn Woo
send to:
2458 Hunter Street Studio 5
LA CA 90021
Chaa Youn Woo 213-703-3145.


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